More About Meadow and Bark

Name of Business: Meadow & Bark
Founders: Marisa & Scott Russell
Year Launched: 2019

What do you do?
We are a farm to face, luxurious skincare brand that features highly potent and nourishing plant based ingredients both organically grown in Long Beach and globally sourced from virtually every corner of the world.

Why do you do what you do?
We became obsessed with the sunscreen dilemma a few years back after learning about how one of the main chemical actives in sunscreen: Oxybenzone has been associated with bleached and damaged reefs. The more we learned, the more upset we became with our own history of slathering these chemicals on ourselves and our three children. As parents and beach lovers, Scott and I also struggled with keeping our kids free of sunburn which was always inevitabely worse under the eyes because it rubs off so easily.  
In 2017, Scott went on a trip to the Mentawai Island’s which is off the coast of West Sumatra and just south of the equator. He experienced extreme sun exposure in what is called the playgrounds: perfect surf and empty lineups - this is what daydreams and classroom doodles are made of.

At this latitude & longitude, sun poisoning is a classic reaction and almost unavoidable, especially for those coming from areas like the north east.
Packing every apparent tool in the “skin protectant” arsenal, it’s hard to not to get overwhelmed and overestimate the efficacy of western sun blocks, especially when paired with perfect surf conditions.

With long travel times getting to paradise, and limited time there, the luxury of taking days to heal, out of the sun and surf, is unthinkable. Scott was gifted local remedies to heal and protect his skin for the remainder of the trip. Sunblock so good, so natural, that you could eat it. So good, that his skin healed without any downtime out of the water.

And it is there, in the idyllic, tropical paradise that we found our first moment of inspiration; to pursue a mission of creating safe, effective and nourishing skin and sun care that is sustainable and delightful to use every day. Skincare so good for you, that you could eat it.        
What sets your business apart?
We are building a customer focused, purpose driven brand with products that deliver real results. We believe that nourishing our whole selves inside and out, with experiences that make people look and feel amazing are at the foundation of the business.

While I'm researching, sourcing, formulating, designing, packaging and collaborating with testing facilities, Scott is growing many of the ingredients that we utilize in our distillates and formulas. It's become a family affair where our children are also inspiring new sku's.        
A key pillar and business imperative is that we do all of this in a sustainable way that’s good for the planet while also directing funds and business to women led organizations and coops in nations where there are extreme inequalities. This is a challenging area for us to deliver on the way we ultimately aspire to, and it’s something we will get better at as we grow. It will take boots on the ground meeting with local growers and small business owners to do it right.

We have taken a contrarian approach to today’s digital brand building blueprint by starting with a retail storefront within our own community, learning about customer needs and wants and then taking those learnings to product development and then to a broader audience.      
Favorite part of doing business in Long Beach?
I just love meeting people and helping them to achieve their skincare goals. We believe that skincare rituals should be something to look forward to, that helps you either unwind or energize you to prep for a glorious day. When clients say that they look forward to getting ready for bed and going through their M&B ritual, or, that their skin looks better than it ever has - I know we are doing something right. It's so motivating to be able to help people feel good and we hope that Meadow & Bark becomes known for that.

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