Let's Talk About Blue Beauty

Let's Talk Blue Beauty

We have all heard the term “green beauty” before. Green beauty, in a nutshell, refers to beauty products made with clean, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly ingredients that also come in recyclable or low-waste packaging.

But what in the world is blue beauty, and what’s the difference? 

Well, there are certainly some foundational similarities. They both require products to be as safe for the planet as they are for human health. Sustainability and eco consciousness are driving values. But blue beauty takes it further than that. One might consider blue beauty to be the next generation in the beauty industry.

Blue beauty emphasizes non-toxic skincare & cosmetic products made with sustainably sourced, ocean-safe ingredients, eco-forward production, biodegradable or recyclable packaging, and, perhaps most significantly of all, giving back to the environment.  

This standard is what sets blue beauty brands apart from the rest. Blue beauty helps to protect the world’s oceans while promoting positive environmental well-being.

 The term “blue beauty” was conceived by spa director & founder of the brand Beauty Heroes, Jeannie Jarnot, in 2018. It has since gained significant momentum in the beauty industry, and has become a global movement of sustainable brands who are actively incorporating ocean-friendly practices throughout their supply chain.  

Jarnot says that “brands that take a stance on blue beauty are conscious of what is currently happening to our planet, and want to do everything humanly possible to help undo the damage that has incurred.” So in essence, it’s about limiting our impact on the environment and its inhabitants, and prioritizing that concern over profit, while delivering safe and effective beauty products to conscious consumers.  

Focus is placed on sourcing sustainable and botanical ingredients, supporting regenerative farming practices, reducing waste throughout the production and shipping process, as well as giving back through action-based efforts such as clean ups and supporting non-profit conservation organizations.  

As the name may suggest, ’blue beauty’ is particularly committed to the conservation and protection of our oceans, upon which all life on Earth depends. As such, two particular concerns stand out: that of single-use plastics; and harmful sunscreen chemicals. 

 The beauty industry has more of a negative impact on the planet’s waters than one may realize. A huge part of that problem is single-use plastics and throw-away packaging. Single-use plastics is a known enemy of the ocean and its wildlife, and is unfortunately devastating our planet with the sheer amount that ends up in the ocean daily.

Eco-friendly packaging is essential to minimizing our environmental impact, and thus to being a true blue beauty brand. 

The other offender is the contribution of chemicals - most notably oxybenzone and octinoxate, two of the most common sunscreen ingredients found in the industry which are proven to degrade marine ecosystems and destroy coral reefs.  

Coral reefs are already facing numerous threats all over the world, so using reef-safe  sunscreen options are imperative to mitigating some of those threats, even if you live nowhere near a coral reef!  

Meadow & Bark is a proud blue beauty brand that strives to deliver the highest quality products available, made with premium, sustainable and ocean-safe ingredients that we know and trust.

 Our popular suncare line - made up of our Surf Paste, Everyday Sunshield, “No BS” Lip Balm and After Sun Spray - are as effective and good for the skin as they are void of environmentally harmful ingredients. Our customers can confidently wear our products in the water, knowing that they are helping to keep our oceans clean, while their skin is safely protected from the sun.

  Our flagship store in Long Beach, NY, is eco-friendly in nearly every aspect, from our bottling to packaging to shipping practices. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and reducing our environmental footprint every step of the way as we grow.  

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