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Meadow and Bark began as an idea to create an all natural sunscreen that felt amazing to use and worked even better. After diving deep into the product options and gaps, we became starkly aware of the harsh realities that exist in the beauty and skincare business. Countless studies have shown that the chemicals diluting our skincare products are doing more harm than good.

Kudos to Hawaii for passing the ban on the sale of sunscreens including oxybenzone which is believed to be bleaching the reefs. Until the governing bodies step up to protect people over business, it’s up to all of us to make the best choices, or, create new ones. The amazing thing is, that nature’s finest vitamins, minerals and luxuries are exactly what we need to nourish our whole selves - inside and out. Synthetics are designed to cheapen and dilute, so let's continue to enjoy, replenish and radiate - courtesy of Mother Nature.

Non-Toxic Skincare

Meadow & Bark's goal is to deliver sustainable, nourishing and effective products that are good for you and the world around us.  That means that every ingredient is researched thoroughly for it's benefits, and how it reacts with other ingredients in the context of use.  We understand the desire for real results, quickly.  We formulate  with the goal of seeing benefit upon use with amplification over time. As the largest organ and protector of all that lives within, our skin is truly deserving of love and divine treatment.  

Too often, our product choices are littered with synthetics that water down the natural goodness of what's possible without chemicals.  Sadly, we don't know what the true impact of these chemicals will be, until it's far too late.  

Our promise to you is that Meadow and Bark products contain the best, naturally derived, non-toxic ingredients, sourced from ethical suppliers and partners while our formulas are designed to deliver results. 


Our eco-friendly packaging is designed to protect it's ingredients to ensure maximum potency - whether it's the UV resistant glass, or massively abundant bamboo. 

Magical Self Care Moments

Many of us have been guilty of buying expensive skincare regimens, loaded with chemicals and promises of fountain of youth type results without actual enjoyment from the process of self care.  

Our hope is that you enjoy these magical moments of nourishing yourself, body and soul, while your skin benefits from the consistent love and care.  This is what ultimately promises to reveal your glow, radiance and makeup free beauty.

Thanks for reading - we'd love to hear from you!

xoxo Marisa


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