Soumya is On a Mission to Advance the Lives of Women in Morocco


This young girl from Morocco is on a mission to bring higher education to the girls from her village. 

Her life was changed by a chance encounter with a hiker who came to the Atlas Mountains when she was a child. The woman ended up inviting Soumya to America to continue her education, giving her an entirely different life than would have been available to her if she had stayed in Morocco. 

Few girls from her hometown of Armed are allowed to continue their education past the 7th  grade, and are typically married off at the age of 13. Soumya did not want to be married so young, all she cared about was learning and receiving a proper education. 

Now at the age of 16, Soumya is fueled by a fierce determination to go back and build an all-girls high school in her hometown. 

“I want the girls of my village in Morocco to have the same opportunity to develop their potential”

So, what’s our connection?

@meadowandbark met Soumya’s American “sister” Ace on our fall photo shoot last year, who told us all about her and her cause. We were immediately drawn in, and have recently become a proud sponsor of Soumya’s Journey! We cannot wait to watch her vision unfold and become a reality. 

Soumya’s story has further inspired us to seek out sustainably grown #bluetansy (the featured ingredient in our Adaptogen Bleu and Moroccan Bleu products) from a woman’s only co-op in Morocco. Stay tuned for updates! 

Read her full story here and stay tuned for further updates as her work continues.

Now that her organization is established, she's able to accept donations to further her progress.  Follow along and be inspired by tremendously fearless young woman.


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