Three Skincare Tips During the Era of Covid-19


With Omicron wreaking havoc on the holiday season, we all continue to feel vulnerable and under siege on an intimate level, almost two years into the era of Covid 19. 

There are countless stories of inspiration, strength and heroism and counter to that, we pray for the lost souls, the sadness and the hardships people around the world have had to endure. Two years ago, we had just began to hear about a virus that had emerged in Wuhan that was taking lives quicker than we could imagine.  Thankfully, we know more today than we did back then and we will continue to rise, together, with every corner of the globe aligning on a singular objective - to thwart this virus and put it to bed.   It’s amazing what the power of a singular objective can do to bring people together.

We are all aware of the things we need to do to stay healthy and avoid exposure. Wash your hands frequently, socially distance, don’t touch your face, take your vitamins, stay home if you feel sick.  An underrated topic is skin nourishment and health.  A healthy skin barrier is a critical component to protecting yourself and warding off a virus that’s trying desperately to get inside your body.  

  1.  Now is not the best time to be getting aggressive facial treatments that create vulnerable patches of skin, or open wounds, unless you plan to stay home and quarantine for the period of time it takes to fully heal.   For example, a glycolic deep peel could take 14-21 days to heal which means you will want to minimize any potential risk of exposure to the virus.  If you are looking for other options to refresh dull, tired skin - opt for a glycolic toner and radiance enhancing regimen that includes a healthy vitamin c booster.
  2. Our skin barrier is like a super duper body guard that exists as the first layer of defense.  Amazingly powerful in what it can do, but only if it’s nourished and thriving.  It literally decides what to let in, and what to keep out.  A healthy barrier is one that is free from open wounds, moisturized, hydrated and fed.  What should we feed our skin?  As the largest organ in the human body - it benefits from vitamins, water, fatty acids, omega’s and antioxidants.  Sounds familiar as it relates to your diet, right?  Just what nature intended.  Additionally, as we age our barrier gets weaker and weaker which means it needs additional loving care and protection.  Non comedogenic face oils and balms are a great added layer of security, especially to add an invisible shield for masks that are abrasive.
  3. Do not share cosmetics, facial tools, applicators and all the things.  I could probably end it right there but let’s expand for a moment.  Yes, we know that viruses can live for certain amounts of time on various surfaces.  Let’s also consider the other things that can wreak havoc on your skin.  There’s dirt, bacteria, things that lead to stye in the eye, blemishes, which of course lead us back to more potential open wounds on the skin.  Clean your own devices and tools frequently and be sure to toss your mascara and cosmetics every few months.  And, always use a spoon to scoop any products in a jar.  

So rest up, feed your skin, and, nurture the barrier.


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