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Moroccan Bleu Moisture Boost + Juna Nightcap Gummies + Sleep In Sunday Hello Goldie CBD Tea + Navy Blue Silk Pillowcase + Navy Blue Silk Eye Mask

A $220 Value for $185


Juna Nightcap Bummies

A revolutionary sleep aid that is scientifically backed to help improve your sleep.

91% of users report deeper sleep and lowered stress levels

Eat one gummy nightly before bed. For best results, reduce screen time 2 hours before bed and lower thermostat to 68-70 degrees to prep your body for superior shut-eye. *This product is best-used cumulatively to reset internal rhythms.

Elemental Magnesium

72 trace minerals and magnesium citrate to support neurotransmitter and hormone regulation which resets sleep-wake cycles and binds to (GABA) receptors in your body to produce calming effects.

Increase Stage 3, Deep Sleep

Formulated with science-backed plants like Passionflower to help increase stage 3, deep sleep when your cells renew.

Antioxident Rich

Proprietary blend of antioxident-rich botanicals to help engourage relaxation and deep sleep.

Doctor Formulated

Formulated by leading doctors, chemists and women's health experts to enhance sleep.


Derived from plants, a miscrodose to encourage your body's own optimal production of melatonin.

Sugar-Free Formula

Instead of sugar, we use allulose. A low glycemic sweetener found in figs that tastes like sugar but acts as a prebiotic fiber in the body.

Full Ingredients

Active ingredients: Tart Cherry Extract, Wild Jujube, Magnesium Blend, Phytomelatonin (from St. John’s Wort), Chamomile Extract, GABA, L-tryptophan, Passionflower Extract. Other ingredients: Allulose*, Pectin, Cassava, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Natural Color, Carnauba Wax. So WTF is allulose? Allulose is a low glycemic sweetener found in foods like figs that tastes like sugar but acts as a prebiotic fiber in the body.

sleep in sunday botanical tea, 10/box

smooth, minty, calming

Cool & Cozy. Slip into your comfiest jammies, fluff your pillow, and take a sip of our soothing hemp infused bedtime blend. Pull those sheets over your sleepy eyes and get rested like a sleep in Sunday morning, any day of the week. Sweet dreams.


Rooibos - Mineral rich with Magnesium and Calcium which can help aid in sleep
Spearmint - High in antioxidants, can improve digestion, may reduce stress
Peppermint - Can improve sleep, can help to relieve bloating
Osmanthus Flowers - May aid in detoxifying the body

  • Organic Hemp Extract. THC Free.
  • Non-GMO. Vegan. 10 Tea Bags/Net Wt 0.7 oz. (19.8 grams)
  • 20 mg Organic Hemp Extract per serving/200mg Organic Hemp Extract per package Caffeine free


Rooibos, Organic Spearmint, Organic Peppermint, Osmanthus Flowers, Natural Flavor (from Vanilla) and Artificial Flavors & Organic Hemp Extract.


Moroccan Bleu Moisture Boost, 15ml

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