At meadow + bark, our goal is to create skin care solutions that are good for you and the world while doing exactly what they are supposed to do.

As a family of beach lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, we have struggled as parents to keep our children protected throughout the long days in the summer sun - surfing, pool time and on the field. We were unable to find a natural sunscreen that we enjoyed using for the way it worked, felt, looked and smelled.

Inspired by our travels to Indonesia where we learned of fresh, ethically sourced sun care ingredients, we sought to create the next generation of effective and delicious sun care products that we could feel good about using on our own children. We thought, skin products should be so good for you, that you could eat them - food for our skin. While we didn’t set out to make a meal out of sunscreen, we did aim for a pure, natural and trust worthy approach to sun protection, designed for people like us.

Our surf pastes and sunscreens are chemical free, earth based, nourishing and deliciously, naturally fragrant. High in antioxidants, organic plant based infused oils, butters and waxes. Active ingredients include: non nano mineral sun protection in the form of Zinc Oxide and Thanaka.

What is Thanaka? Sourced from Myanmar, the locals use this native tree bark combined with water as sun protection and self expression through decorative application to their faces and bodies. It’s a booster to natural sunscreen actives here in the US, and helps to cut the need for high doses of zinc which result in that white, pasty Casper look.

The pastes are designed to withstand the intensity of the sun and water / sweat in extreme conditions. They come in white, tints, colors and fun to use Mermaid applications that the kids love to use as “war paint”. Unlike mass OTC brands in the zinc category which feature petroleum, dyes and chemical ingredients, our pastes are natural and tough. Stay tuned as they are undergoing FDA approval for SPF and waterproof efficiency.

After diving deep into the sun care industry product options and gaps, we became starkly aware of the harsh realities that exist in the beauty and skincare business. Countless studies have shown that the chemicals diluting our skincare products are doing more harm than good.

Until the FDA steps up to protect people over business, it’s up to all of us to make the best choices, or, create new ones. The amazing thing is, that nature’s finest vitamins, minerals and luxuries are exactly what we need to nourish our whole selves - inside and out. Synthetics are often (not always!) designed to cheapen and dilute, so let’s continue to enjoy, replenish and radiate - courtesy of Mother Nature.

Our Philosophy

We are obsessed with creating amazing products that are nourishing, non-toxic and deliver real results. Today's skincare options are plenty - but natural, clean beauty and eco friendly aren't always what they seem.

At meadow + bark, 100% of our formulas contain naturally derived, ethically sourced ingredients that are designed with a combination of modern technology + methodical, old as day extraction methods.

Our Ingredients

Our ingredients are 100% naturally derived, sourced from all over the world and grown organically in Long Beach NY. We believe in highly concentrated formulas containing a multitude of actives and nutrients, not in a single ingredient or limited sourcing of benefits. That's why you'll find more than 25 high performing actives in our botanical serum and even more within the hydrating essence.

We don't utilize fillers or bases that are not necessary and choose to formulate in ways that deliver 100% benefit from each and every ingredient.We hope you'll love meadow + bark as part of your daily skincare regimen.

Hard Working, Eco Friendly Packaging

Our dark violet glass packaging is designed to protect and enhance it's contents by keeping the damaging light rays out so you can experience maximum benefit from what's inside. As much as we love the light - it's damaging to nutrients, actives and product overall.

Performance with Purpose

1% of proceeds go to the Surfrider Foundation and charities supporting Women's Rights + Cancer Research.