Depuff Me Eye Orbits


Whether you've been locked in a digital daze, frolicking amidst pollen clouds, or burning the midnight oil, your weary eyes deserve a break. Our Depuff Me Eye Orbits are just the thing.

Born from the primordial Carelian soapstone beds of Finland, these stones boast a cosmic origin story that spans over 2 billion years. Hand-carved from 100% Carelian soapstone, they possess an otherworldly density, perfect for indulging in hot or cold therapies.

Stash them in the fridge for a chill retreat from pesky allergies or to bid farewell to puffiness. Need to soothe those screen-strained peepers? Just warm them up a tad.

Hot and cold stone therapies have been whispered about in ancient lore for eons. Our Depuff Me therapy stones capture the essence of Finnish soapstone, offering a celestial touch to your eye-care ritual.

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