Moroccan Bleu Moisture Boost


Calm    Soothe    Hydrate

Formulated with soothing botanicals to calm sensitive, irritated skin while hydrating and moisturizing. This beauty balm is effective as a daily moisturizer and treatment for sensitive, inflamed and damaged skin.  It's a lightweight, cool concentrate that absorbs into the skin quickly, delivering immediate results.

Our superhero's in this formula are blue tansy + blue yarrow.  They have the ability to emotionally and physically calm by reducing feelings of heat, inflammation and anxiety.  These remarkable botanicals provide relief from skin issues such as rosacea, eczema, acne and dermatitis while its essence pacifies the mind. 

Another super, Ximenia oil sourced from Namibia, nourishes by increasing moisture levels, improving skin elasticity and reversing the signs of aging.


ximenia oil, calendula shea butter*, mango butter, murumuru butter*, strawberry seed oil, tamanu oil, blue tansy, blue yarrow, immortelle, Neroli, frankincense, grapefruit extract, mica.  



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