Room Fragrance Diffuser


Inspired by our customer favorite candle scents, these diffusers offer a beautiful at home accessory to put your mind and spirit at ease with their non-toxic, phthalate free fragrances.

The Boyfriend in black matte bottle and dacron reed diffusers - “Dreamy, bold and complex’ - just how you love 'em. Scented with hints of Sandalwood and Vanilla with essences of Tobacco, Leather and Bourbon, this diffuser will fill your room with a woodsy, manly scent that will leave you satisfied as you enjoy that book, cozying up to the fire. Go on, say it. Your friends and family will say it too - "I love your boyfriend." 

The Moon Goddess Diffuser in iridescent glass jar and dacron reed diffusers - “Moonstones unlock the Goddess within.” With moon stones contained within, inhale the  delicate essence of Lily, Vanilla, and Ocean Breeze. The energy of the stones will encourage your inner goddess  - feel strong, confident, and focused.

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