Lotions, Creams and Water, Oh My!

Look at your skincare ingredient labels.  Take note of the first few ingredients.

Why is water more times than not, the very first ingredient on most of the skincare products you will find on the market, and, probably in your bathroom?  First and foremost, water provides hydration for the skin and secondly, it provides a conduit for the other ingredients to latch on to, to then sink deeper into your skin.  Water droplets are small and can penetrate deeper than butters, oils and other actives making it the perfect vehicle for the absorption process. 

Creams average a water concentration of 60-85%, while lotions can be found at a whopping 90% water.  Let's also consider that lotions and creams require an emulsifier that is there for the main purpose of bringing oil and water together.  That emulsifier could be 5-10%+ of the formula.  That doesn't leave much room for actives or oils that seal in hydration and nourish the skin.

Philosophically - we wholeheartedly believe that water is a critical part of the equation to ensure healthy skin.  That said - water, for most of us, is available via our bathroom faucets for mere pennies and can easily be left on our skin after cleansing. 

"Souped up" or wet skin should be the canvas for most skincare products which will allow for maximum and rapid absorption.  We proudly design with only the most potent and pure of ingredients, leaving fillers and standard water out of our formulas. Every single ingredient serves a purpose designed to nourish and balance the skin, address concerns and deliver sensorial experiences.

In lieu of water, we utilize floral distillates, aloe juice, colloidal silver hydrosol and barley juice as the foundation for many of our "water" based products.  We refer to these as the "yin" to the "yang" of our oil based formulas. They go together and we strip the emulsifying wax out of the equation.  For example, our Brightening Essence, which is like a toner and serum coming together with 28+ land and marine extracts complements the Botanical Serum, Moroccan Bleu, Adaptogen Bleu or Adaptogen C to deliver glow, hydration and youth preservation while delivering on the benefits each is specifically designed for: tackling sensitivity, balance and/or radiance.

So..soup up, hydrate and nourish to maximize the routine with pure potency.  





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