What is an Adaptogen and What are the Benefits in Skincare?

An adaptogen is a botanical that can reduce the neurological response to stress. In skincare, Adaptogens are used like toners to help return skin to their baseline, adapting to stress whether internal or external.  They are a non-toxic and safe way to address overactive adrenal activity and the impact it has on our sebum production.

What are some examples of adaptogens?

Ashwaganda oil:

For centuries, Ashwagandha has been used to treat people for stress, anxiety, depression and exhaustion. It's an evergreen shrub that is grown in India, the Middle East and parts of Africa.  A super antioxidant that helps to diminish acne related flare ups from stress while visibly enhancing skin tone and texture. Topically, it can shrink the appearance of acne related lesions and as a nourishing, dry oil, helps to balance overall sebum production by feeding skin the right type of fatty acids.  It has been shown to activate DHEA, which is a precursor to both testosterone and estrogen and stimulates the production of natural skin oils. As we age, DHEA decreases and the impact on our skin is less elasticity, firmness and glow.  So while Ashwagandha is great for oily and acne prone skin, it's an incredible multitasker that can promote the vitality and youthful appearance of skin. You can find Ashwagandha oil in our Adaptogen Bleu Face Oil and Adaptogen C Pressed Serum.  

Marshmallow root:

Stress has an undeniable impact on body, mind and spirit and all of that directly impacts the health of our skin.  It can lead to a weakened immune system and dehydrated skin barrier.  Marshmallow root extract may help strengthen the skin barrier and increase hydration levels. We utilize this ingredient in the form of an extract in our Bio Active Cleanser, Brightening Essence, Illuminating Eye Lift and Hibiscus Facial Scrub  

Rhodiola rosea:

A flowering herb that grows in the arctic climates of Europe and Asia and has been popular for it's adaptogenic properties that alleviate stress and fatigue. This medicinal herb has a high amount of antioxidant polyphenols which stimulate cellular regeneration, synthesis of collagen and provides oxidative protection.  What does all this mean? Nourished skin that's ready to battle the daily demons in our everyday environment that are ready and willing to attack.

Hemp seed:

While not officially considered an adaptogen, Hemp Seed or Cannabis Sativa shares many similar properties with those listed above.  Hailing from the same plant as marijuana but containing little to zero tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical that gets people “high.” Instead of THC, hemp contains cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical that has been used to treat many nervous system disorders.   Hemp seed is a beautiful, vitamin packed oil featuring A,B,C,D,E & K, omegas and amino acids which our bodies utilize to produce proteins. Truly a superfood for skin and one that absorbs faster than you can blink an eye. We utilize Hemp Seed oil in multiple ways, within Adaptogen Bleu, Adaptogen C Pressed Serum, our original Botanical Serum and the luxurious Body Oil  

Are you thinking about trying Adaptogens for mskincare? 

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